Stay tuned with HSBC Personal Integrated Account



With HSBC offering online banking services with Personal Integrated Account and many having questions about this, we decided to do a blog about everything you need to know concerning Personal Integrated Account.

Personal Integrated Account, Also called “SmartVantage”, is an online service that enable you to have access to your bank account anytime and anywhere as well as manage and organize it. Basically, you will be able to handle your bank account via your smartphone or tablet, such as for:

  • Processing transactions (bill payments, fund transfers, buy/sell investment facilities;
  • Managing your investments 24/7;
  • Staying tuned to the investment market and making sure not to miss any market opportunities;
  • Arranging appointments with financial professionals;
  • Making enquiries through HSBC automated phone banking services 24 hours a day, and many more…

People wishing to enjoy this service will be required to maintain a TRB (Total Relationship Balance) of HKD10,000 or above, which includes;

  • Hong Kong dollar/Renminbi/foreign currency deposits;
  • Market value of investments (see HSBC’s website for details;
  • Deposit amounts of Deposit Plus and Structured Investment Deposits;
  • Utilised lending facilities;
  • Life insurance.

Nevertheless, please notice that you will be charged HKD 60 per month if your TRB falls below the HKD10,000 level.

You may check HSBC’s website or call (852) 2233 3722 for details and requirements to join Personal Integrated Account.