Standard Documents Needed for HSBC Company Bank Account Opening



For those who wish to proceed a company bank account opening with HSBC after Incorporating your business, here are a few standard documents they would like to see for a likelihood of approval:

1) Your Certified True Copies (provided when you incorporate with us)
2) A Business Plan Consisting of or where you can provide:
   A) Reason of setting up bank account in HK
   B) Potential or actual client/ supplier list
   C) Supporting from current business 
   D) Expected turnover
   E) Business forecast
   F) Website print out, brochure, flyers, name cards, products / service introduction
   G) Company Structure; Displaying hierarchy of company employees and future positions
Not all of these are necessary, but where you can provide this information it does help in the success rate of approval. 
We have attached a bank account opening check list from HSBC, and the bank staff will have to tick off the boxes in order to approve for a bank account opening for your company.
Referring to the Checklist:
A. Points 1 to 4, these are provided when you incorporate with centre o.
    Point 5 is actually included within points 1 to 4. (These are not extra documents)
    Point 6 is only applicable for those who have been established 1 year or more
B. Point 1 is already provided in your NNC1 when incorporated
C. Residential Proof (Normally a Utility bill with the same residential address that you provided to us when company incorporation will do, but make sure it is certified and translated if it is not in English)
D. Passport or HKID From All Directors and Shareholders (All must be present at the bank account opening meeting)
E. Only Applicable for those seeking Double Tax arrangements – please ask your auditor from home country to provide you with the tax number for the bank.
F. The Bank organizer shall arrange this information with you. Be wary of the commercial tariff rates and confirm with your bank adviser.
G. This section is only concerned for those who are related to Unlimited Companies, Shelf Companies (That were incorporated before 31st March 2014), and other Special companies. 
Please email for further enquiries and support
Good Luck!


HSBC check list, company bank account opening, centre o

HSBC check list, company bank account opening, centre o

HSBC Check list 2 HSBC Check list 3