Hiring season is approaching in Hong Kong!

Hiring season is approaching in Hong Kong!


People from all around the world come to Hong Kong to study, to work and to live. The city is a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures.
Hong Kong is a place full of opportunities, be it for advancing up your career ladder or realizing your dream. You will earn valuable work experience if you decide to stay in Hong Kong for work after graduation, especially if you are determined to tap on the market of Mainland China. Youth Employment Start (Y.E.S.) provides support services on employment and self-employment to youngsters aged between 15 and 29. It provides support to young people to start their career on right track, enhance their employability, facilitate them to access the latest labour market information and help them secure a firm footing in the labour market for sustainable development in Hong Kong.

Nowadays, there is different ways to get a job for graduation student or expat in Hong Kong:
A job referral can be the best way to get your resume a close look from the hiring manager.
It’s even better when the person referring you for a job can take a couple of minutes to personally refer you.
Now that LinkedIn has more than 200 million members, most professionals have figured out how to set up a profile and build connections. But now managers and recruiters using the site to hunt for job candidates and potential employers routinely checking LinkedIn before they make hiring decisions.

Know where your skills can take you. The best way to stand out in the job market is to figure out what your strengths and passions are, and then connect those with open positions,
Identify a company that you want to work for as a full-time employee after graduation.
Make and utilize professional connections. Nearly all job seekers get advised to network through industry events and social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. Creating a professional online presence should start while you are still in school. You can also find jobs online via different jobs websites such as Jobsdb.comIndeed.com and Classified.com.

Since Hong Kong is a major global hub for trade and finance, expats often hope to benefit from its generous salaries, low taxes, and the local labor market. However, exploring job opportunities in Hong Kong requires some time and effort.