Congratulations to Takon Product of winning the “HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award”



Four years ago Jerry Lee and Joe Wong decided to start their adventure on business: Takon Product Development Limited was born on August 2011. Two young Hong Kong- born entrepreneurs​ that have known to re-interpret modernity by the past, current design by tradition: Chinese paper craftsmanship, bookmarks, greeting cards, dioramas, photo frames and home furnishing made combining the traditional paper-cut art with a modern innovative technology. TAKON Product Development Limited (TAKON) is a young and energetic lifestyle design house, focusing on product design and development.

Takon’s Clients are located all over HK, US and EU retailer and reputable company. They used to integrate traditional and modern concept to create superior products. From Grand Horizon to Victoria Harbour, all the scenery are constructed by fine paper art and handmade experience. So it absolutely doesn’t surprise that they have been the winners of the “HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award”, appointed by a final jury by 9 people, among the President of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group and the Vice President of The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong.

Jerry and Joe created their own brand and welcome both retailers and wholesalers. From brainstorming, product design, manufacturing, packing to selling, they provide one-stop service for our customers. The aim is to link creativity and local culture, propagating and sharing them with the world. Hong Kong citizens remind their local culture, also applying for a social cause: Jerry and Joe are also working with a local sheltered workshop for product manufacturing, providing job opportunities and supporting the needy and the underprivileged. That is the real added value of Takon Product Development Limited. This company has all the number to grow up very fast: completely inserted in the B2B and B2C Hong Kong network, they are continuing to work to a business development for balanced profits.

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