A CRM system to streamline your work and grow your business.

Capsule is an intuitive and customisable CRM software that we highly recommend to our clients to help them easily take care of their customers, just as we take care of our client’s administrative needs! Whether your business is a start-up striking out all the way up to a large and established enterprise, Capsule CRM offers a range of features:

  • Client database storage
  • Project Management
  • Sales pipelines
  • Email templates
  • Workflows
  • Task Scheduling
  • Projects

Capsule also seamlessly integrates with Google & Microsoft Outlook accounts and has extra add-ons, such as Transpond, which enables you to send marketing campaigns, track their performance, capture important prospect information via forms and automate communications with customers.

We use Capsule CRM to keep track of over 4000 of the clients we look after in our day-to-day operations so we don’t mean it lightly when we say we rely on it! If you’re interested in using Capsule to help your business, contact us today!