5 Steps for Process China Trademark Registration

5 Steps for Process China Trademark Registration


The Importance of Trademark Registration in China

Foreign investors sometimes overlook and ignore the importance of trademark registration in China. As China uses a “first-to-file” rule, which means that the first person who registers will own the trademark registration in China.  Nevertheless, the China trademark holder will also have all exclusive rights to distribute and sell the product. So, register your China trademark as soon as you can. 

5 Steps to register your China trademark? 

  1. Submit the application form and other relevant documents by yourself or China Trademark Agency. State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) is responsible to handle the applications of trademarks.
  2. SAIC has a formality check. To reviews the application and confirms whether you can proceed or if you need to provide other additional information.
  3. After the formality check, SAIC starts Substantive Examination which is a thoroughgoing process to register the china trademark. If there is no problem, the Preliminarily China Trademark approved and published.
  4. If there is no any other objection. China Trademark approves and issues the china trademark.
  5. You receive a certificate of approval.

How long does the registration take?

The process can take everything from 12-16 months, depending on how smooth the registration process goes. The above steps are the most direct way. The process doesn’t involve any refusal, dispute or objection from SAIC or other parties. 

How about your China Trademark registration is rejected?

During the registration process, SAIC may refuse your files or your competitor may opposite your registration. However, there is an appeal mechanism. You can provide addition pieces of information, then SAIC can review for refusal filed. 

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