Josephine Lau – The Business Facilitator


Interns are like MINIONS.

We’re half way into the Summer, it’s always a great time to bring on extra help, while the interns are looking for chances to ‘test out’ themselves and experience a whole new environment from what they have been used to.  This year we happen to have 5 minions joining the team, all well motivated and enthusiastic about their tasks, coming in with happy faces into the organization everyday.

When hiring an intern, the process is similar to hiring any full time employee.  Prepare yourself in advance that most likely they won’t be as qualified, skilled or experienced.  Find out their traits, characteristics and potentials; social and technical skills, eagerness to learn, willingness to accept positive and negative feedback and the ability to follow instructions and complete a task.

While working with them, best to get right to the issues, explain the expected outcome, methods to perform, overall purpose, the skills necessary to accomplish the goals, milestones, and deadlines.  You will need to be quick on accessing to the interns’ performance, their strengths and weaknesses, to decide if the tasks given are suitable and the amount of time invested in them is enough.

My conclusion from working with the minions this Summer would be: each and every one of them are cute and lovable to work with and add a unique flare to the office environment.

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