Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the traditional lunar calendar. It is an inherited custom of moon ceremonies. However, the public highly links the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and legend of Chang’e. In tale, archer Hou Yi shot nine of the 10 suns out of the sky to cool the earth. Wangmu, the queen of heaven, rewarded him with an immortality potion, which he gave to Chang’e for safekeeping. This was noticed by the scoundrel Peng Meng, who tried to steal it. So Chang’e hurriedly drank the elixir and flew to the moon.

About one month before the festival, you can see mooncakes have begun to appear in supermarkets. People buy it for relatives and friends to send their best wishes.

On that day, people sacrifice moon cakes to the moon as an offering and eat them for celebration. The most important activity is to appreciate the bright full moon. The moon on that festival night is especially round and bright, symbolizing the peace, prosperity and family reunion. This is a night to spend with friends and family, knowing you don’t have to get up for work in the morning.

Victoria Park in Causeway Bay is a large gathering spot for staring at the moon. Ready for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival? Hang out and bring your lanterns with family/friends tomorrow tonight!

Let’s enjoy the Chinese Mid-autumn Festival! We are happy to discover your Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival experience at

** ** Please note that Centre O will be closed at 4pm today, so everyone can go home earlier to spend extra time with their family.**

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