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What is a virtual office?

It sounds like something from the Matrix, but, actually, a virtual office is a popular form of business organization, particularly for SMEs and startups.

A virtual office is an office that exists in cyberspace

So where will you work?

Technically, your office is wherever you are – which makes this working arrangement popular among businesses that do not have to deal with clients directly, but rather remotely. And it makes sense. You will have flexibility, a chance to travel and move around, most importantly, save money.

What about my company?

Good question. While running your business from a laptop is perfectly convenient for you, it may not look the same way for your clients. A reliable service provider is expected to have an office and as business address. This is just how it works.

So what will a virtual office give me?

Just that. A virtual office will give you an official presence, as well as the so-much needed help in dealing with administrative and secretarial tasks.

Centre o provides a wide range of virtual office services, including:

  • prestige registered address
  • professional receptionist services
  • dedicated telephone line
  • dedicated fax line
  • receipt of letters/parcels with notification via phone/email
  • office hours customized call handling
  • non-office hours customized voice to email
  • 24/7 customized voice to email
  • 24/7 unlimited fax to email
  • 3 hours free usage of conference room/ month

Additional Services

  • listing of corporate signboard
  • usage of conference room
  • usage of voice conferencing
  • administrative support
  • printing/ copying
  • courier/ postage and stamps arrangement

“A simple cost effective solution to your office needs with exceptional service. What more can you ask for?” Steve, Managing Director at Reflexion Research Ltd


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