Why register a trademark in Hong Kong?



Why register a trademark in Hong Kong?

Registering your trademark in Hong Kong means you can:

    • Have the exclusive right to use the trademark
    • No one else may use your individual trademark. If someone uses your trademark without permission, they are liable for infringement of your rights and you may take legal action.
    • Registering makes it easy to prove that you are the owner and it limits the use

Before applying, it may be a good idea to make sure that no one else has registered a trademark that is the same or similar to yours. This is made easy by going to the Trade Mark Registry. At the Trade Mark Registry, business owners can search and get advice from officials who may guide you down the correct, legal path. A trademark should be distinctive, new, and representative of what you’re trying to sell. It should not look like others, be redundant, and should be something that catches a customer’s eye.

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