In these seven simple steps, you are guaranteed to change the way you professionally interact with others for the better!

1. STRIVE TO FUFILL PERSONAL GOALS- strive to become a better manager of others. Set that as a goal. Try to work on this and be persistent everyday. Even when you think you have reached this goal, do not stop and continue improving with the same strong ambition.

2. FULLY INVEST IN YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH OTHERS- Invest in genuinely trying to connect with other individuals. This will assist with the development of collaborative and healthy working relationships.

3. WHILE ASSERTING AUTHORITY, ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU INCORPORATE FAIRNESS- Look to leave lasting and meaningful impressions on people by approaching them with intentions of mutual respect and reciprocation of being valued. Try to get your point across while asserting your position, but do not express it in a way that leaves the other person feeling demanded.

4. KEEP YOUR PATIENCE- Whenever feeling frustrated with an individual, think about the actions you want to take and play them out in your head; do not run on a short fuse. Don’t do something that you wouldn’t like being done to yourself. Do not put yourself in a position where someone would be scared to interact with you.

5. ALWAYS STRIVE TO KEEP LEARNING- In such a changing world, only the most adaptable survive. These people are the ones that keep themselves updated with the newest technologies, news, and advances. There is always room to learn in a world with so much to offer, and those that maximize their knowledge, are the ones that strive to better themselves. This allows you to be up to date in conversations with others and engage yourself with knowledge of different fields.

6. SELF REFLECT AND INTROSPECT- Be willing to have someone tell you what areas you need improvement in. It is very hard to improve when you do not know where to start improving. Combine this with a bit of self reflection to really pinpoint the areas that you want to start changing for the better!

7. BE ENTHUSIASTIC- Show that you are excited and happy to be doing what you do. Your enthusiasm not only helps you love your job, but also translates over to others to make a healthy work environment. Showing your enthusiasm in the workplace engages the people around you to overall perform on a more attached level to their work and identify better with their job.

Professional development and company growth is something we cherish here at Centre O. While we know it is hard to manage every aspect of a company on your own, we believe we can help with some of the hassle. The shown seven steps can help you develop and perfect your professional leadership skills, but with the other parts of a company that cannot be explained as easily in seven steps, consult with Centre O. From setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company to sorting out Accounting and Auditing work for your office, you can count on us! 

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