Previously, we introduced the purpose of the Survey of Employment and Vacancies and how to submit it. In this blog, we will explain how properly fill it out, as you may find difficulties. Below are a few frequently asked questions.

In section A, provide basic information about the company.

1. Trading name — Some establishments may use a trading name that is different from the legal name they registered. If you have a trading name, please enter it in the box provided. Otherwise, please leave the box blank.

2. Ownership type — The type of ownership reported should be in line with the registered business.

In section B, you are required to provide the operating status of the company. If the company has started operations, you need to put in the date of commencement. If the company is dormant, it is not in operation. State the precise status in the bottom half of the section.

In section C, clearly state the number of persons employed and the job vacancies in your company.

3. Working proprietors, active business partners, and unpaid family workers — Provide the number of male and female workers that do not have regular pay.

4. Paid employees and working directors – Provide the number of male and female workers who are full time or part time paid employees (both permanent and temporary).

5. Job vacancies – Provide the number of job vacancies. Also the title, job description as well as the educational qualification required for the job vacancies.

In section D, describe the major type of your activities and tick the activity group that your company belongs to.
If none of the activity group applies, you are required to fill in section E to let the Labor Department knows who is the reporting person. The reporting person can whoever filled out the form or any other contact person from the company.

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