AiryPack Company Limited

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AiryPack is an eco-conscious paper product and packaging solutions company based in Hong Kong. We at AiryPack envision a future for paper packaging that merges form and function in an effort to reduce the eco-footprint of the industry.

Since 2014, AiryPack has utilized technology and advanced construction techniques to make and sell paper products that are lighter and use fewer raw materials to produce, while preserving the quality and appearance of the product. By significantly reducing waste and shipping costs, AiryPack has emerged as a more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to conventional paper packaging and paper products.

The AiryPack technology can be applied to a wide range of paper products, including (but not limited to): paper boxes (large and small, regular and irregular), books (and slip cases), folders, calendars, frames. We are always expanding to reduce the carbon footprint of more products so let us know if you have and a idea or specific needs and we will be happy to help you find a paper solution.

AP Logo - 20160518 - 300x279.png 4 years ago
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