Commercial Bank Account Opening



Commercial Bank Account Opening in Hong Kong

Are you having trouble getting a commercial bank account in Hong Kong? You might have noticed the continuous changing of bank rules, new regulations, and compliances. These cause a lot of traditional banks in Hong Kong are turning businesses away.
Many clients are expressing to us that they are just running a straightforward e-commerce business or a simple consultation businesses. However, they keep being rejected or asked never-ending questions by the bank. The means they cannot get their business up running.
Hong Kong businesses cannot without a company bank account receive payments from their clients nor getting a Hong Kong Investment Visa.
Luckily, Centre O is here to offer you a one-stop solution when you setup a Hong Kong Limited Company through us. You will also get a e-bank commercial account at no extra charge.
Our Hong Kong Company Incorporation Service is HK$8650/ company. Included in the price is government fees, the first year of company secretarial services, and the first year of registered office services with NO Hidden Charges.
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*price subject to change according to government fees in Hong Kong