You must be wondering what you should prepare for opening a bank account, so we decided to make a checklist here to make sure you are clear about the documents required.

Opening a bank account has a lot of steps and required documents. If you’ve been left wondering exactly what to prepare before starting the process, you’re not alone. Below is a checklist of the required documents.

Basic documents companies must provide:
1. Company registration documents
2. Documents required from Sole Proprietor/Partners/Directors, Authorised Signers, Key Controllers, Beneficial Owners (for limited companies) and Direct Appointees:
• Identification documents/Nationality proofs
• Residential address proof (for sole proprietorship)
3. Identification documents from users (if applicable)
4. Company chop (if applicable)
5. Initial deposit of HK$20,000
6. Proof of source of Wealth/Fund
7. Business Proofs
• Documents to show Business Operation Information/Product Service Information/Information on counterparties/ Notice of Participation issued by MPF trustee

Other required documents:
For companies with Corporate Shareholders, you need to provide the Ownership Structure Chart of the account opening company as certified by the directors.

For Company with a Trust as Ultimate Beneficial Owner, you need to provide the following documents:
• Trust Instrument or
• Identification Documents and Information of Trustee

For Company with Corporate Director, you need to provide the following documents:
• Company Registration Documents of the entities
• Official document(s) listing current director information
• Identification Documents and Nationality Proofs required from all directors and all Authorized Signatories of the Corporate Director
• Proof of Registered Address and Business Address

For Company with Key Controller, you need to provide company registration documents.

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