Bank Account Opening for Standard Chartered Bank



When you want to open a bank account in Standard Chartered Bank, you should prepare the below documents:

  • Basic documents required:

(1) Articles of Association

(2) Certificate of Incorporation

(3) Business Registration Certificate

(4) Company Chops

(5) Incorporation form

(6) HKID card/passport

(7) Address proof with:

-Residential address

-Registered office address (Same as Business Registration)

-Company secretary address (Incorporation form)

-Actual business address where the business work be done mostly

(8) Business plan (With description of company, company structure, source of funds, target clients, related expenses, financial plan &“What makes your company unique”

For details of business plan, please also read


  • Other documents required for Standard Chartered Bank:

(9) Business proof (e.g. contacts, invoices, purchase orders & shipping documents)

(10)Bank reference letter

(11)Initial deposit: Saving-HK$2,000/Current-HK$3,000

(12)Company search fee: HK$150


  • Monthly requirement for Standard Chartered Bank:

(13) Total relationship balance HK$20,000

(14) If you do not reach the Total relationship balance, those will be a monthly                administration fee of HK$300/month.