How to easily view your account balances in DBS IDEAL



Account Balances

As a user of DBS IDEAL, you can easily view and export your DBS account balances for up to 6 months back. In this blog, we will go through how to do this in order to view and export your account balances.

As illustrated in the picture above, you have to go through five steps to view your account balances at IDEAL.

1. Past Statement
As noted, you can access your balances of up to past 6 months.
2. Export Statement
When pressing this, you can export the account in your preferred format which can be Excel, PDF or HTML.
3. Account Balance
See your account balances or click to access your account statement.
4. When searching for Activities
Click on Account in Balances
5. Consolidated Balance
View your latest balance, consolidated under your preferred currency

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