When first coming to Hong Kong, you notice that the mass population of Hong Kongers ride public transportation; When using this transportation, you start to understand why.

For one, whether it be the MTR trains or the little greens busses, these public transports are almost always spotless. They keep the busses and trains clean through routine cleans and disinfections, and it shows! You also will never see anyone eating food on the bus or train because it says not to (honestly try to find one person; you won’t). These transports are extremely clean because the people riding them are extremely grateful for having transportation that is so accessible and comfortable.

Aside from the transportation being so inexpensive and clean, it is also very reliable. The MTR trains are proven to be on-time 99.7% of the time, so if you are late for work, you cannot blame it on the train. The busses are also pretty accessible considering how many of the same types of bus they have in circulation on the streets.

Another big reason why people use public transportation is because owning a car is too expensive in Hong Kong. The extreme auto-tax, insurance, fees, tolls, and gas accumulate to make owning a car not worth it, but that is not the worst part. With such an extremely dense area, it is a head ache finding a parking spot for your car and it will definitely cost you significantly monthly. For these cars, upfront payments are huge, and the ongoing payments are sizable as well.

Bottom line is, take the public transit in Hong Kong. Everyone does it! It’s clean, safe, accessible, and cost efficient. The MTR is also the easiest ways to get to our SheungWan and WanChai locations.

Trust me, your Octopus card will be your best friend in Hong Kong!


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