Inland Revenue Department – What Floor Do I Need to Visit? For What Reasons?


Inland Revenue Department deals with all the tax and revenue aspects of your company! Here are the different floors you will be dealing with: 1st Floor = For all collection of tax return, they have date chop service, for you to track down your filing dates! 3rd Floor = Get your agreement duty stamped levy paid & share transfer. 4th …

What are the running costs from year 2 after the first year of Company Incorporation?


There are simply 4 costs to consider: 1. Business Registration Renewal – HK$250 government fee (2016-2017) 2. Annual Return – HK$305 government fee (2016-2017) 3. Registered Office – HK$1,300 / year – Centre O fee 4. Company Secretary – HK$2,000 / year – Centre O fee Feel free to contact us at if you wish to renew your services …

Testing your products or services on the Hong Kong market?


You can simply setup a Hong Kong Representative Office   Centre O Business Centre helps you in a smooth Representative Office setup in Hong Kong. We help you in handling documents, applying Business Registration and pre-inked company chops for the representative office. We help you with easy startup. We offer services from handling telephone answering and mails services and also …

Do I need to be in Hong Kong in person for any stage of the incorporation?


If I were a non-Hong Kong resident wishing to incorporate an offshore limited company in HK. Do I need to be in Hong Kong in person for any stage of the incorporation? We can register a Hong Kong Limited company with only your passport and overseas residential address.

Have you ever think of growing your business in Hong Kong?


There is a growing popularity for entrepreneurs to choose Hong Kong as a location for them to grow or startup their business in recent years. Apart from its Asia’s top business centre reputation, it also provide different business opportunities for entrepreneurs to run their business. First of all, as it is proximity to china, international companies are drawn here to …

The Upcoming Event:October 27 Startup in Hong Kong: All You Need To Know – (FREE)


Thinking of starting up your new venture? As per request from many of you, below is the seminar details we will cover: How to select your company structure, Limited or Unlimited? Startups for non HKSAR Citizens. How to do invoicing and maintain book keeping. So come along for FREE professional advice and to learn great tips and meet with other like minded …