I already subscribed to a Pension Fund in my home country; do I still need to enroll for Hong Kong MPF?


As long as your home country’s pension fund is approved by Hong Kong government, you can definitely continue using your home country’s pension system. You need payroll or MPF for your employees? Contact us at [email protected] and we can arrange the monthly payments for you! #Payroll #MPF #HongKong #Business #CentreO #TheHongKongResourceCentre

Legal Documents Checklist for Setting Up Business Relationship


Whenever you sell goods or services, it is important to manage your finances and cash flow carefully. The reason is cashflow problems and mismanaged finances are a major cause of business failure. Thus, here are the legal documents you might need to optimise cash flow. You may learn more about how below documents can help to create the right expectations …

How to issue invoice?


Invoice is a document you typically send to customer requiring payment for goods or services that you have provided or will provide. It is an important tool in business world because invoice helps you monitor and record the account easily. When drafting an invoice, it is important to focus on a number of key clauses, in particular: • Details of …

If the director of the company is not in Hong Kong and I represent him as general manager of the Hong Kong Limited company, can I sign on his behalf for a tenancy agreement?


Indeed, you can sign on behalf of the director for a tenancy agreement that is in the name of the company, as long as you are authorized by your director. The Inland Revenue Department will not check the exact accuracy of the director’s signature since the tenancy agreement is issued on the company’s name. You need a working space for …

How to write a purchase order?


A purchase order is a document between a supplier and a buyer that confirms a purchase. It makes the purchasing process more efficient and allows for better inventory and payment tracking. Purchase order benefits to set out your payment terms and keep an adequate record of orders that you can then match with your invoices. When drafting a purchase order, …