‘Getting the right people to work for / with you?’

Marketing EVENT

A question asked by high school students yesterday! Josephine held a talk about this matter according to her own experience at Centre O. These students represent different high schools of Hong Kong for the Dragon Apprentice Challenge. This competition requires them to think of a brand new start-up company, in order to develop their entrepreneurial spirit. Nice summer activity, right? …

Do I need to be in Hong Kong in person for any stage of the incorporation?


If I were a non-Hong Kong resident wishing to incorporate an offshore limited company in HK. Do I need to be in Hong Kong in person for any stage of the incorporation? We can register a Hong Kong Limited company with only your passport and overseas residential address.

Have you ever think of growing your business in Hong Kong?


There is a growing popularity for entrepreneurs to choose Hong Kong as a location for them to grow or startup their business in recent years. Apart from its Asia’s top business centre reputation, it also provide different business opportunities for entrepreneurs to run their business. First of all, as it is proximity to china, international companies are drawn here to …

Centre O Co Working Space in Sheungwan


Feeling isolated when working alone at home or distracted when fighting for a space at the local coffee shop? Thanks to coworking, all that has changed! It’s definitely a better choice for you as its much more resources and a place to do your business. Firstly, unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces have little direct competition or internal politics. It …

What is Trademark?


A trademark is a sign for customers to distinguish your business’ goods and services from those of your competitors, it is often referred as a brand or brand name, and it can be in the form of a logo, graphic, signature or symbol etc. Registering a trademark allows you to protect your brand by restricting other traders to use the …