I already subscribed to a Pension Fund in my home country; do I still need to enroll for Hong Kong MPF?


As long as your home country’s pension fund is approved by Hong Kong government, you can definitely continue using your home country’s pension system. You need payroll or MPF for your employees? Contact us at sales@centreo.hk and we can arrange the monthly payments for you! #Payroll #MPF #HongKong #Business #CentreO #TheHongKongResourceCentre

Company Registries Department – What Do I Need to Do Yearly at the Companies Registry Department?


After one year of incorporation, you must fill in Annual Return Filing for your company to the Companies Registry department. Simply go to the 14th floor and queue up there to submit and pay in person. You prefer to focus on your core business and don’t want to bother with this administrative burden? Contact us at leslie@centreo.hk and we will …

A company without activity in Hong Kong, what to do?


What to do if my company didn’t have any activity for the whole year? You don’t need to do the Accounting & Auditing, but you need to register your company as dormant and justify that there was no activity. Do I still need to do the Accounting & Auditing and to fill in the Profit Tax Return Form? Yes, you …

Pre-incorporation Preparation


For more details, please contact sales@centreo.hk More related article:Warm reminder of preparation for company incorporation, A small reminder about Company Incorporation: basic rules and advises for shareholders and directors