End Of Openhouse Cowork Week


It was a pleasure to host many entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and travelers at our coworking space in Sheung Wan. They all seemed to enjoy the friendliness of our staff, the magnificent top floor view and the unlimited pantry layout. It is coming to an end of our coworking week in support of StartmeUp HK Week, but there will be plenty …

Centre O on W Hub


Check out our new page link up with W Hub. They are a great site which displays many startups and SME’s. Its great to be a part of their launch and there will be great things ahead in the future with our collaborative partnership. Check it out! http://www.whub.hk/startups/545f3ee164376500020e0000    

The Three Musketeers, the Three Centre Peers


Introducing the better than ever power of three. These guys are the people to see to enquire about centre o’s main business services. They all specialize in their field of work but can help you with anything in general. We have the managing business facilitator – Josephine   The customer relations executive – Miko   And the business solutions specialist – Kelvin …

What types of business can be done in Hong Kong?


There is a wide scope of businesses that can be done in Hong Kong. Many of start ups or growing companies go into, e.g. trading, real estate, IT, tourism, publishing house, education, research or other industries. At centre o we can help you establish your business and provide you with a wide range of business services along with the business …