Corresponding Address Service


You can use our HK office addresses to receive business mails and parcels. Once mails received, we can arrange to open, scan and email to you automatically. We will keep the original for 3 months. If you wish to receive the originals by courier, no problem, we will simply charge you courier and handling fee. We are pleased to offer …

Requirements of Registered Address


Registered address must be a Hong Kong registered office address in government record for receiving government mails Centre O offers annual registered address service at HKD 1,300 per year to comply with the requirement. We are pleased to offer Registered Address Service to you! Call us at +852 31242888 or email us at [email protected] You may also be interested in …

What are the requirements of choosing Company Secretary?


1.Either a HK resident or HK company 2.Sole director cannot be the company secretary Centre O offers annual company secretary service at HKD 2,000 per year to comply with the requirement. We are happy to provide Company Secretary Service to you, contact us at [email protected] for more details. You may also be interested in these other blog articles: Can an …

I don’t have a Company Bank Account yet, but I have employees in Hong Kong. How can I enroll my company and employees to MPF without a Company Bank Account?


Company enrollment and monthly MPF payment always have to be made through a Hong Kong Company Bank Account. MPF doesn’t accept any cash or other payment ways. Therefore, you can enquire for payroll services where the MPF payment will go through this Hong Kong company. After a couple of months, when you get your own Company Bank Account, you can …

Useful online marketing platforms for your business


Online platforms are usually used by entrepreneurs to provide valuable information, build relationships and connections and gain the trust of their audience. Here are 4 popular online platforms you can use to develop your biz: 1. Blogging – provides clients with informative content and establish professional image 2. Social media – promotes blogs and communicates with the larger online community …

How to write a purchase order?


A purchase order is a document between a supplier and a buyer that confirms a purchase. It makes the purchasing process more efficient and allows for better inventory and payment tracking. Purchase order benefits to set out your payment terms and keep an adequate record of orders that you can then match with your invoices. When drafting a purchase order, …

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from Hong Kong!

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As the Chinese poem say: “May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart”. After family gathering yesterday evening, we hope you enjoyed the delicious mooncakes, dragon dance and lantern carnivals. Greetings from Hong Kong!