Why Not Uber?

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Uber has become one of the worlds most, if not the most, trusted private and known brands for transportation. With such convenience, why doesn’t Hong Kong allow it to operate on their lands? For one,  Uber follows the sharing economy model which the Hong Kong doesn’t seem to appreciate considering the other companies using the same platform like Airbnb also …

Three Tips to Follow For Fortunate Chinese New Year

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Three Tips to Follow For Fortunate Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is approaching! This New Year’s Day will be on 16 February and is also the year of dog. If you are born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006, having zodiac sign of dog, this year you will be blessed! In the New Year’s Day, 16 February, Chinese people …

Process Trademark

The process of registering a trademark?


The process of registering a trademark? Once the application for your trademark has been received, an examiner will process it according to code. The process is Application Deficiencies Checking Search & Examination Publication for Opposition Hearing Registration Time Required for the application is usually 6-8 months, so planning ahead here is key. For more information about process trademark, please feel …

Process Trademark

Why register a trademark in Hong Kong?


Why register a trademark in Hong Kong? Registering your trademark in Hong Kong means you can: Have the exclusive right to use the trademark No one else may use your individual trademark. If someone uses your trademark without permission, they are liable for infringement of your rights and you may take legal action. Registering makes it easy to prove that …



For small business, debt recovery is a major issue. This is especially stressful when margins are tight. Understanding how to deal with late payments and debts is crucial to managing a company efficiently. In order to prevent late payment issues, you can take a number of steps. The first one being conducting background checks on customers. This will ensure you …

Business Referral Agreement


When a business is collaborating with another business to provide referrals, it would be smart to set out the agreement with a Business Referral Agreement. This agreement will set out how much, when, and how the referrer will be paid. This type of agreement can really help support your business development. For more information on Hong Kong business, get in …



If the supplier of a good wants to retain ownership of them when they are being sold by another party, a Consignment Agreement is necessary. This document is specially for when a consigner (person or a business) entrusts goods to a middleman for the purpose of selling goods to an end customer. In this arrangement, the consigner typically does not …

Issue invoice



ISSUE INVOICES ON TIME Getting the money owed to you is key to surviving the startup phase. An Invoice breaks down the costs provided, the total amount due, and how the customer should pay for it. By using an invoice, you can keep track of who’s paid, who hasn’t paid, and how much cash flow you are acquiring.  It is …