Legal Documents Checklist for Setting Up Business Relationship


Whenever you sell goods or services, it is important to manage your finances and cash flow carefully. The reason is cashflow problems and mismanaged finances are a major cause of business failure. Thus, here are the legal documents you might need to optimise cash flow. You may learn more about how below documents can help to create the right expectations …

Un petit rappel sur la formation d’entreprise à Hong Kong: les règles de base et conseils pour les directeurs et actionnaires


Il y a quelques règles de base à suivre si vous voulez créer votre propre entreprise à Hong Kong, même si il est plus facile et plus rapide de le faire ici comparé à d’autres pays. N’importe qui peut former une société à responsabilité limitée à Hong Kong. Une société à responsabilité limitée est une entité légale composée de directeurs, …

If a company has been established for a year, what document can prove its good standing?


You can enquire to the Company Registry Department a Certification of Continuing Business. By being your company secretary we will handle all this kind of administrative work, so you can fully concentrate on your business. Get in touch with us at [email protected] #ContinuingBusiness #CompanySecretary #CentreO #HongKongResourceCentre

What are the running costs from year 2 after the first year of Company Incorporation?


There are simply 4 costs to consider: 1. Business Registration Renewal – HK$250 government fee (2016-2017) 2. Annual Return – HK$305 government fee (2016-2017) 3. Registered Office – HK$1,300 / year – Centre O fee 4. Company Secretary – HK$2,000 / year – Centre O fee Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you wish to renew your services …

What kind of business entrepreneur are you according to commitment?


In the book ‘The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 pages’ is described 3 kinds of entrepreneur’s style according to their commitment. Part Timer: they work obviously full-time, but only 40 hours a week based on a labor-based system as in the 1860’s. Full Timer: they work obviously more than part timers since they are looking at the market, their …

How to remain resilient as an entrepreneur? Last days of 2016 to remain strong, we’re sure you can make it!


Because your entrepreneur journey won’t be made of beautiful moments only, but also challenges and difficulties; you must be resilient to keep going with your ideas and project. Here are 5 advices you can use to boost and maintain your resiliency: 1- Maintain A Positive Attitude 2- Establish A Support Network 3- Take Care of Yourself 4- Play To Your …

The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages from Patrick Bet-David with Thomas N. Ellsworth


This book has actually been recommended to me. It is short, clear, and also pragmatic using many concrete and recent examples. After a tough start to discover WHAT makes you an entrepreneur and WHY you are meant to be an entrepreneur, the story really began from Chapter 1! Here we will go through the 6 steps advised to complete your …