Step 2 of Setting Up a Hong Kong Limited Company


Please provide below company structure details by email: 1. Director(s) and Shareholder(s): →passport copy →residential address proof – e.g. valid ID card / driver license / utility bill or bank statement showing full name & residential address (issued in recent 3 months) 2. Issued shares to each shareholder and consideration paid: →please state the number of shares per shareholder (e.g. …

Our annual service fee of Accounting, Auditing and Tax filing


The quotation for accounting and auditing will depends on the following factors: 1.the number of transactions per financial year 2.the turnover per financial year 3.the business nature and location of the business operations 4.whether the company has any investments or subsidiaries For more information about our annual service fee, kindly contact us at or call us directly at 3124 …

Business Registration Ordinance for Company


Under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310 S.12, 13 & 15), an original or duplicate business registration certificate (BR) for the current year should be kept at its registered office address. An original or duplicated branch BR should also be kept at the branch address. In order to strictly comply with the regulations, Centre O will keep the current year …

The photo requirements for China Visa Application


From 15th December 2016, applicants should follow the updated photo requirements below when handing in the China Visa Application. Otherwise, the application will be discarded.Here are the photo requirements. 1. Color photo should be recent, taken within the past six months 2. Photo size should be 48mm high X 33mm wide; the width of the face measures between 15-22mm; the …

I already subscribed to a Pension Fund in my home country; do I still need to enroll for Hong Kong MPF?


As long as your home country’s pension fund is approved by Hong Kong government, you can definitely continue using your home country’s pension system. You need payroll or MPF for your employees? Contact us at and we can arrange the monthly payments for you! #Payroll #MPF #HongKong #Business #CentreO #TheHongKongResourceCentre

How to issue invoice?


Invoice is a document you typically send to customer requiring payment for goods or services that you have provided or will provide. It is an important tool in business world because invoice helps you monitor and record the account easily. When drafting an invoice, it is important to focus on a number of key clauses, in particular: • Details of …

Inland Revenue Department – What Floor Do I Need to Visit? For What Reasons?


Inland Revenue Department deals with all the tax and revenue aspects of your company! Here are the different floors you will be dealing with: 1st Floor = For all collection of tax return, they have date chop service, for you to track down your filing dates! 3rd Floor = Get your agreement duty stamped levy paid & share transfer. 4th …

If a company has been established for a year, what document can prove its good standing?


You can enquire to the Company Registry Department a Certification of Continuing Business. By being your company secretary we will handle all this kind of administrative work, so you can fully concentrate on your business. Get in touch with us at #ContinuingBusiness #CompanySecretary #CentreO #HongKongResourceCentre