I don’t have a Company Bank Account yet, but I have employees in Hong Kong. How can I enroll my company and employees to MPF without a Company Bank Account?


Company enrollment and monthly MPF payment always have to be made through a Hong Kong Company Bank Account. MPF doesn’t accept any cash or other payment ways. Therefore, you can enquire for payroll services where the MPF payment will go through this Hong Kong company. After a couple of months, when you get your own Company Bank Account, you can …


Marketing EVENT

Hong Kong is a huge and varied market place! This special event is dedicated to the creative ones. On Saturday 6 May, come and join the artisanal craft fair ‘Meet the Crafters’ from 12pm-4pm at TheMaker Hive Hong Kong in Kennedy Town and discover the beauties of handcrafting. PLUS OF THE DAY: You can even join some workshops to understand …

Can I act as the director, shareholder and license operator for my recruiting company?


Yes, you can take up the 3 roles without any problem for the recruiting license particularly. For more information about licenses for your company, please contact us at sales@centreo.hk or call us directly at 3124 2888. You may also be interested in these other blog articles: How many directors / shareholders / company secretary does a company need ? A …

Useful online marketing platforms for your business


Online platforms are usually used by entrepreneurs to provide valuable information, build relationships and connections and gain the trust of their audience. Here are 4 popular online platforms you can use to develop your biz: 1. Blogging – provides clients with informative content and establish professional image 2. Social media – promotes blogs and communicates with the larger online community …

Best way to identify your target market


For any sales and business development strategy, the best way is to start with having your future customers in mind. By identifying the main characteristics of your target audience, you will analyze how they behave and what they need. A useful way of identifying your target market would be to answer the 5 W’s of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and …

The photo requirements for China Visa Application


From 15th December 2016, applicants should follow the updated photo requirements below when handing in the China Visa Application. Otherwise, the application will be discarded.Here are the photo requirements. 1. Color photo should be recent, taken within the past six months 2. Photo size should be 48mm high X 33mm wide; the width of the face measures between 15-22mm; the …

Why serviced office has high security?


Serviced office allows you to concentrate on work in a private space with all necessary facilities and network with other entrepreneurs. For us, we are not only aiming to provide comfortable working environment, but also offer high security offices. In the office, we have the CCTV cameras, door taps and lockers to protect your belongings. • CCTV cameras: In order …

Incorporate Your Hong Kong Company Now Before the Fee Rise Up of HK$2,000!!!


The Inland Revenue Department officially announced that the Business Registration fee will rise up from HK$250 back to HK$2,250 from April 1st 2017. Incorporate your HK Limited Company Now thanks to Centre O. Check out the details of our Incorporation package here: http://centreo.hk/incorporation/. Please contact us at leslie@centreo.hk if you wish to incorporate your HK Limited Company NOW, we will arrange …

I already subscribed to a Pension Fund in my home country; do I still need to enroll for Hong Kong MPF?


As long as your home country’s pension fund is approved by Hong Kong government, you can definitely continue using your home country’s pension system. You need payroll or MPF for your employees? Contact us at sales@centreo.hk and we can arrange the monthly payments for you! #Payroll #MPF #HongKong #Business #CentreO #TheHongKongResourceCentre