Needing a professional venue to meet your business clients?

Marketing EVENT

Starbucks? Pacific Coffee? Habitu? You don’t get enough privacy.   Centre O Business Centre provides you with well-equipped conference facilitates in both Wanchai and Sheungwan, with services of warm meet and greet at front desk; unlimited coffee and tea to keep you hydrated during the meeting; well-connected with high speed Wi-Fi connection.   Book now via

When is your company’s financial year ends?


Many papers lying around? Needing help on getting a ledger, financial statement and a proper audit report for tax report?   Keep Calm and Relax. Working with 2 Certified Public Accountants in Centre O Business Centre for more than 6 years, we are able to offer 1 stop shop for you. Our accounting and auditing services package helps you in …

Expanding your business?


Looking for a larger office to move in and able to work immediately in the new office? Centre O Business Centre provides you with better solutions. All readily available furniture and fixtures; conference rooms and office facilitates, allow you a smooth sail for your business expansion. We have our in-house company secretary to assist with all the nitty gritty paper …

Operate a one-man business?


Running a one-man business? Not able to go through all the tasks you planned for the day? Time for a change! Our excellent customer service team will give your clients and suppliers our warmest welcome on your behalf. We are also able to handle your telephone calls and incoming or outgoing mails. Our prestigious registered office address with fully furnished …

Why serviced office?


Just started your business? Too much business expenses tying up your cash flow? Centre O Business Centre meets all your needs. We provide you with a commercial registered office address for customers and suppliers to reach out to you, saving you from hiring extra staff, paying for office decoration, telephone communication equipment or even having to buy a coffee machine, …

Want a serviced office with good location?


Sweating in the city, running around to meet your clients and suppliers? Wasting too much time on travel? You need a better location for your office! Centre O Business Centre provides Premium Boutique Serviced Offices to meet all your needs. Our 2 offices, both located right within the business hub of the Hong Kong Island, within minutes walk away from …

Are you looking for a 2 persons office?


Are you running a 2 man show? Are you looking for an office with comprehensive services to save some running costs? Needing an all-in serviced office to save some running costs? Yes, our Premium Boutique Serviced Offices meet all your needs. Located on Hennessy Road, alongside with Pacific Place, our fully furnished serviced offices with 2 workstations, over-looking city and …

What you can benefit from serviced offices?


Serviced offices have increased in popularity in today’s competitive business environment. It’s aimed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to save a huge cost for running their business when compared to traditional office space. What’s a serviced office? It is an actual office or office building that’s fully equipped. The serviced office provider then rents individual offices or floors to …