Starting a recruiting company in Hong Kong


Recruiting License applicationA recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between an organisation that is looking to employ someone and an individual who is looking for a job. A recruitment agent’s main function is to source the most suitable person for a job vacancy that they have been asked to fill.

Which are the passage which you need to focus on to start a recruitment company in Hong Kong?
How long does it take to do it?
The answer is easy: just one month.
The important thing to do first is to settle a limited company.
Once you did that, you must get all your certifications stamped.
You need to show these documents:
– NNC1 ;
– Company registry certificate of incorporation;
– Within 1 month you will get you Business registration (BR):
– Prepare your Green Box;
– Articles of association
At the Employment Agencies Administration Labour Department, you will show which name you decided for your company. The company name must be approved before you can proceed with the incorporation of a Hong Kong company. You can use an English name, a Chinese name or an English and Chinese name. In case you need to think to another name, cause the one you choose is already in use, opt for a branch name, that will you cost 323.000 HKD to be defined.
After then you will fill these form:
– For license application LD184 (S) form is required (1 page form):
– The supplementary sheet EAF21 (3 pages form)
Another important thing you must remember is that you need a nominated operator: he/she can be the director, a shareholder, or another person which owns an HK id card.
At the end, at the Labour Department you will complete successfully your process.
Within only 1 moth you will be able to open your activity, once you got by mail your license.

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