Tax Saving Tip #3: No Taxes on Investments


After years of intelligent and lucrative investing, you decide it is time to take your earnings out of your portfolio. But before that money reaches your pocket, you are disappointed to find that a huge slice of your would-be earnings has been gobbled up by various taxes. You realize your investment was hardly worth what you thought it was.

This story is probably a familiar one. Although, this story in Hong Kong does not exist! Hong Kong does not tax your capital gains. The earnings you achieve from selling an investment after it has increased in value is not taxed in Hong Kong. Moreover, dividends from Hong Kong companies- earnings paid out to shareholders-  are also not taxed.

Thanks to these tax-free laws, your portfolio in Hong Kong could be worth a lot more! At Centre O, we can act as your tax representative to determine your company profit tax. Contact us at for more details.

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