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Entrepreneur Interview Fyiona ~ Millennial Engagement Expert

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Entrepreneur Interview Fyiona

An introduction

Fyiona recently started her entrepreneurial journey by founding her company ‘Wholistic Coachsulting’ with the help of Centre O. She nicely accepted to share her experience about taking the step of becoming an entrepreneur!

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The interview

1)     What made you became an entrepreneur?

First, As the youngest Head of Operations in Shell, I heard much too often how my peers who are Gen X or Baby Boomers are bashing on Millennials for being entitled, lazy and impatient. Having led teams spanning across Gen Z to Baby Boomers, I learned how to effectively lead across generations. This motivated me to support other managers to start leveraging and embracing the purposeful drive and ambitious mindset of Millennial employees.

My mission is to make a difference in how Millennials are being perceived in the corporate environment workplace. I want to share my professional experience as a Millennial Executive and a Hiring Manager with fellow Millennials and Gen Z to set them up for success.

After +14 years career in Royal Dutch Shell, I realized that the most fulfilling part of my corporate career revolved around supporting my team and colleagues in their professional and personal growth through coaching and mentoring. My passion for people development resulted in establishing the first Women’s Network in Shell Hong Kong. This is where we launched regional Employee Engagement initiatives and Mentoring Programs for Shell Customer Operations in Asia-Pacific.

The main driver to take the leap into entrepreneurship was my desire to magnify my impact in more organizations and enable them to leverage on the strengths and passions of a generational diverse team.


2)     Could you share with us more about your business? What do you do? And when did you start?

I am the Founder of Wholistic Coachsulting Ltd and a Millennial Engagement Expert. I helps companies and executives create effective and engaged multi-generational teams. Also, I connect the value dots between millennial talents and business veterans to foster a culture of mutual learning and respect and an open structure for innovation to take place.

Furthermore, I believe that overcoming generational differences and embracing generational diversity will lead to increased productivity and morale. I work with Corporate and Executives to bridge generational gaps to achieve a more engaged and happier work environment for everyone.

Basically, my focus is also on Millennial talents whereby I empower them to excel in their workplace and shape them to become inspiring future leaders.

My mission is to help Millennials develop greater self-awareness, overcome limiting self-beliefs, and lead with confidence. Being a Millennial myself, we speak the same language and together, we work on unleashing your talents and help you create a desirable life.

Discover Fiyona on her video: https://youtu.be/-bIC1Jg-MXM


3)     What makes you unique from your competitors?

It’s important to find a niche that you identify with. In addition, I could have given up as a Coach as there are many experienced coaches in the market already. Instead, I did my research to understand more about my unique strengths and expertise I can offer.

In Hong Kong, I am currently the only active Millennial Coach who is a Millennial, a certified Coach and have 14 years of corporate experience as an Executive and Hiring Manager in a Fortune 50 company with insights in Finance, Digital Transformation, Operations, Lean Management, Leadership and Change Management.

Last, I coach and consult both the senior executives as well as the Millennial talents. This is in order to bridge generational differences and create a more inclusive work environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves and thrive.

4)     How did Centre O Business Centre help with your business?

Centre O and especially Leslie Marquis were extremely helpful to provide insights into the technical aspects of registering my business. Before deciding to focus on Consulting, Leslie was very candid with me to strongly consider registering my business.She had my best interest at heart and wanted me to succeed as a solo-preneur.

The business registration process was very smooth and was completed within a few days. As I am in my early stage of establishing my business, I observe regular and proactive check-ins from Leslie. This is to ensure that I am aware that Centre O is available to provide further support. This is including the invitation to contribute to this interview. I’m looking forward to a year of a continued strong partnership with Centre O in 2018!

Fyiona Yong
Founder | Certified Coach | Millennial Engagement Expert

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