Todd Underwood- The Creative Strategy Trainee


Hello, my name is Todd Underwood, the Creative Strategy Trainee at Centre O, and I’m here to talk to you about branding.

The idea is to catch and keep attention. Branding has to be unforgettable. It also needs to be attractive by showing diligence and care in every aspect of the business it represents. For example, Centre O works nonstop, providing services that are necessary for businesses to survive and thrive. Their logo needs to demonstrate their never-ending dedication to clients. It also needs to create a happy and humble environment. In order to achieve these goals, a logo has to pop. It also needs to be recognizable very quickly. If consumers can identify a company logo quicker, chances are they’ll pick it over a similar product. Centre O excels in this area, because the orange circle is very unique and interesting. If a brand can achieve these qualities, they’ll be much more memorable. Shape is a major tool in developing a company’s brand, but it isn’t the only factor. Color is just as or more important than shape. Color creates emotion, which can be used in a plethora of different ways. Text Size and typeface are also key factors. This is probably the hardest part in designing a logo, because to be successful, it must be legible at any size.

I like to think I have expanded and enhanced Centre O’s branding through the redesign of the logo (making the most important piece of branding more recognizable with the full circle and adding a little more pop with the gradient), the sales kit (which now features curved lines and circles instead of straight, blocky shapes), a brand new welcome kit (including a welcome booklet, postcards, stickers, and a lanyard) and posters (currently decorating the office walls). Hopefully these new changes will be well received for the coming years of prosperity at Centre O.

All of the information in this blog helped me become a better designer and is still useful in my everyday work. Thanks for reading!

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