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Ching Ming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that usually falls at the beginning of April every year. Chinese spend the day showing their respect for their ancestors by visiting their graveyards and praying for them. These visitors hope to receive blessings and protection from their ancestors.

During the graveyard visit, the Chinese will burn joss paper, sweep their ancestors’ graves, repaint headstone inscriptions, and remove surrounding weeds. Interestingly, tomb visitors will burn paper models of mobile phones and other electronic products, which lets their ancestors know that their descendants own these trendy products.

For travelers and those who don’t have family to visit, there are also activities other than graveyard visiting. Below are some recommended other events:

  1. Spring Outing

It is a good time to pack a picnic and go on a hike, as nature takes on a new look and the weather is enjoyable. Let’s get away from busy work life and go for an outing to promote a healthy body and mind!

  1. Flying Kites

Flying kites is an activity favored by many people during the Ching Ming Festival. Traditional Chinese would cut the string and let the kites fly free, as they believe that it can help them to avoid disaster, while bringing them luck. You may also do this to wish for increased business in your company.

Hope you enjoy your holiday!

Please note that Centre O offices will be closed on Friday 30 March through Monday 2 April for Easter celebration and Thursday 5 April for Ching Ming Festival. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at

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