You will receive a letter every quarter from the Census and Statistics Department containing a survey requesting basic information about your company. This information includes incorporation date, business nature, number of employees, etc. You may be confused with the purpose of this form and how it should be filled. Below is some basic clarifying information to ensure you fill out the survey in a compulsory manner.

What is it?
The survey is called the “Quarterly Survey of Employment and Vacancies”, and it is used to update information on persons employed and jobs available in your company.

How is the data used?
The data is used to inform the labor department on how many employees there are in your company. Directors and stakeholders of the company are automatically considered as employees, even if they are not paid a salary. The Labor Department checks whether it matches with the records of the tax department. In addition, it is useful to economists to keep track of the status of the labor market.

Is it compulsory?
It is compulsory to fill in a survey per year or anytime there has been an update regarding employees within your company. Any employee company can fill it out using the best of his/her knowledge and belief about the company.

When should I submit the form?
Companies must return the completed questionnaire to the department within 14 days by post/courier. You can also request an electronic form online and submit it by email. If there is any change in your company, you are encouraged to fill out the form again and submit another.

If for any reason you are unable to fill it out or have more questions, Centre O is available to help. The filling of the Census and Statistics Department Survey is part of our ad hoc services, so please contact us at sales@centreo.hk for further information.

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