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Entrepreneur Interview Fyiona ~ Millennial Engagement Expert

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Entrepreneur Interview Fyiona An introduction Fyiona recently started her entrepreneurial journey by founding her company ‘Wholistic Coachsulting’ with the help of Centre O. She nicely accepted to share her experience about taking the step of becoming an entrepreneur! Enjoy reading 🙂 The interview 1)     What made you became an entrepreneur? First, As the youngest Head of Operations in Shell, I heard much …

Hong Kong Optical Fair

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The 25th Hong Kong Optical Fair will be held from the 8th of November to the 10th of November in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The admission is trade only with no visitors under 18 allowed. At this expo, you can find binoculars, optometric instruments, and sporting eyewear. If you are in the optometry field or the fashion …


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  Auditing is the number two hot topic (after taxation) when it comes to company administrative FAQs. Here we answer a few of them:  Question 1: When do I do my first audit? You can actually select either the 12th or 18th month since company incorporation to do your first audit.  Question 2: What information do I need in order …

CES 2014 Continued: Bluetooth Paper Airplane Kit by PowerUp Toys

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Time for some old-fashioned fun. Wait, did we say old-fashioned? Scratch that! PowerUp Toy’s plane is not your typical paper plane. At least, not after you attach the Bluetooth powered module and pair it with your phone. You can fly for about 10 minutes of battery, but recharging only takes about 15 minutes. Pilots can steer by tilting an iPhone …

CES 2014 Continued: Kurio Kids Phone. Parents rejoice!

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Looking to acknowledge the fact that kids are getting smartphones at a younger and younger age, Kurio unveiled their kid’s phone. In addition to having an array of great kiddie features, it has something for the parents as well – parental control that will allow you to restrict phone use to certain hours of the day, and how much time …

How to Fall Asleep Faster

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Working hard and taking work home can often affect our sleep. Our daily problems can keep us tossing and turning for hours on end. However, a good night’s rest is more important than we think. It can reinforce memories, make us more alert the next day and even maintain our mental health into old age. So how to fall asleep …

What are tax rates like in Hong Kong?

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We have a very low tax rate with few tax categories: (1) Disposable stamp tax (receive according to real registered capital). (2) Profit tax, the tax rate is 16.5% (calculated by practical profit) No profit no tax in Hong Kong! There is no Import & Export tax in Hong Kong Except for cigarettes and wine.